( Y E A R L Y - E V E N T )


On August 5th 2017, we held our first annual event 'Walk For Sophie' to tribute Sophie Quattromani's 22nd birthday and those lost or affected by suicide. Many thanks to the people who made it happen: Timothy Birch, Cafe Nurcha, Something For Catering, CK Wholefoods, Andrew Wallace MP, Standby Service, Handle House & Things, Jamie Thwin and Bethany Calvet.


Our goal for 'Walk for Sophie' is to not only celebrate Sophie's life, but to open up the must-have conversation around mental health and suicide. Bringing the community together in a non-judgemental and safe environment to actively shed light on the issue, and help connect people and build lifelong friendships. 


Sophie was so loved by everyone who was fortunate enough to meet her in her 21 years of life. She touched the lives of every single person who met her and was an inspiration to all of us. Sophie struggled throughout her teenage years with depression and was finally diagnosed with Bipolar 1 early last year. Sophie was strong and brave but it was an inner battle for her every single day. Now, Sophie is free from that battle. Her spirit will remain with us for as long as we live, and although life won’t be the same without her, we will always remember how her smile lit up the darkest of nights, and how her wisdom and care for others never faltered. 


You are not alone!