-Yearly Event-


Sophie was an extraordinary woman, with a heart of gold, a brilliant mind and a tortured soul. This is a story of an illness, a race against time and a fight to live. Her illness killed her as surely if it had been cancer. Sophie struggled throughout her teenage years with depression and was finally diagnosed with Bipolar 1 six months before the illness took her life. Bipolar disease is potentially fatal and within Sophie’s case it was. Sophie was a beautiful human being, filled with light, strength and wisdom. She faced life with courage, love and passion. She loved more than others and felt more than most. She touched the lives of every single person who met her or has heard her story. She has become an inspiration to all of us and has taught us valuable lessons about life. Her memory will live on forever and people will never forget her strength and her beautiful smile. On this day we would like to honour and celebrate Sophie’s life on her 23rd birthday.


Walk For Sophie aims to share a story, the pain, the courage, the love and what we have learnt through living through it. We want Sophie’s life to be a tender memory and a gift to others. There is so much to learn here, not only about one life but about the disease that afflicts so many people. Our goal for this event is to not only celebrate Sophie's life but to open up the must-have conversation around mental health and suicide. We would love to bring the community together in a non-judgmental and safe environment to actively shed light on the issue and promote awareness. Please join us for our annual event, ‘Walk for Sophie’. This day will honour our beloved Sophie Quattromani and those who are suffering from mental illnesses or who have been affected by it.

Let’s walk for Sophie, those lost & ones still fighting.