This piece of art is Sophie Quattromani’s final imprint on the world…a mirrored perception of her beautiful but dark shadow which followed her until her final hours. Behind every stroke of paint lies a story that only she can tell, without words.

Sophie perceived the world in different shades, through her own various colour glasses. So sensitive, feeling not only her pain…she felt everyone’s. She was one of the rare ones, not knowing how adored she truly was.

Her existence on this earth has made a ripple effect and her final choice has awakened society, educating individuals on how serious mental illness is. She has painted a little stroke within everyones hearts.

As a community we can all unite together and recognise the segregation within mental health, prevent suicide amongst youth, gain more knowledge, educate and break the stigma.

Let’s embrace mental health as a gift and not something to be ashamed of. In hounor of Sophie let her painting be a message for every single individual facing day to day battles. 

‘She couldn’t feel her wings                                                                             But she knew they were there                                                                          
So she built a ladder that lead to the sky                                                      
And when she touched the clouds                                                         
She remembered how to fly’

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