( Y E A R L Y - E V E N T )


‘Be’ day was our 2nd annual event, which stands for anything and everything. Be kind, be compassionate, be creative, be real, be whatever you want to be…BE YOU!

‘Be’ was an inpirational day filled with local musicians, artists & authors expressing their unique gifts. On this day these beautiful human beings were given the opportunity to express their talents and share their own experiences and stories with the rest of us.

And isn’t that the ultimate goal in life? To find your unique set of skills and given the right environment, express those skills to help and inspire fellow human beings.

Throughout the day we had motivational talks, live music, yoga and a guided meditation to close the day. ‘Be’ was created to bring the community together, educate and showcase pure, raw talent.

This day was also reminder that there is a strong sense of community and that there are many alternative ways to help yourself heal, through healthy eating, exercise, art, music and connecting with others. 

We wish to create ripple effects within our community to help inspire everyone to do what they love and live their life authentically and happily. At it’s core, ‘Be’ is about honouring your inner weird child, following your desires and encouraging you to channel more of energy into the things you love.

'Be' will be an ongoing project that will grow each year.

‘Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself’