-Yoga- to attain ‘moksha’, meaning liberation or freedom--

At Stone Yoga we aim to enhance strength, flexibility, and balance to help people live a life full of vitality, energy and positivity. Whilst yoga is incredible for toning and strengthening our bodies, you cannot help but notice the subtle effects it has on our emotions. Yoga has the power to clear mental blockages and enable you to see life through a more flexible nervous system whilst remaining grounded in who you are. Our bodies are the most important and magnificent possession we have, so we need to look after and nourish it in order to live a healthy, dynamic life. We strongly believe that yoga can help cure mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.


For many years I battled with anxiety, eating disorders and waves of depression. In other words, I was living up in my head, disconnected from my body. It wasn’t until I really started to practice self-love and truly get in touch with my spirituality that my life turned around. One form of that self-love was yoga; yoga saved me and taught me about ‘spirituality’ or in other words it taught me about the ‘real, authentic’ me. Yoga saved me from living a life of anxiety and fear and never being present. Since practicing yoga on a daily basis, my mental health has improved immensely.

For many people to be ‘spiritual’ is automatically related to being a ‘hippie’, however I quickly learned that being spiritual is to love yourself and others. A spiritual person cares about people, animals and the planet, and strives to be a kind person. ‘A spiritual person knows that we are all One, and consciously attempts to honour this Oneness’. Every day I am so inspired to be the best possible version of myself. Through practicing yoga and reading inspirational, educational books I have never been happier. 

Yoga is much more than exercise. Yoga is the practice of transforming and benefitting every aspect of life, not just the time spent on the mat; if we can learn to be kind, truthful and use our energy in a worthwhile way, we will not only benefit ourselves with our practice, but everything and everyone around us to. So join us on this amazing journey of self-love and help create a better world one step at a time. This is why I practice yoga and teach yoga. I know it can benefit the lives of many people. I want to help as many people as I can overcome their fears and live their life effortlessly, graciously and happily. 


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